Nigerian Cultural Dance Group

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The Nigerian Cultural Dance Group is a traditional dance group who can perform in various environments such as theatres, parks, and street events, Bazaars etc… We also give workshops on demand.

Nigerian Cultural Dance Group

Back in our home land each dance and music has a meaning. They are played for specific occasions. Back to the time of our ancestors and our fore fathers singing and dancing was a celebration of every event that happens in a man’s life. In every song one can touch the emotion that is been expressed, either it is happiness or sadness.

The sound of our music is purely traditional because all our instruments are purely traditional. When listening to our music, any African man or woman, any person who spent some time in Africa can easily close his eyes and feel that he is just back in the village.

At every rehearsal and performance we carry along with us the spirit of those ancestor of ours who originated our dancing and singing traditions. We feel their presence; we follow their guidance for spreading our culture outside the continent.

We bring our culture to your door. We diffuse our music and dances for you to understand the origin of our natural joy and spirit of togetherness.
We invite you to come and share the experience.

We will make you feel the rhythm and the music that will bring your soul to dance.